What is the OPC?

Cornerstone Presbyterian Church is a congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, a Reformed denomination founded in 1936.  There are not very many OPC churches in this part of the country.  In the Chattanooga region, more people are familiar with the PCA (Presbyterian Church in America).  While we have different histories, the OPC and PCA are nearly identical in doctrine, structure, and practice, and we enjoy close fellowship with our PCA neighbors.

While many people think of incense and robes when they see the word "Orthodox," our founders chose the term for the meaning suggested by its etymology. "Ortho" comes from the Greek word for "straight" or "correct" and "dox" comes from the Greek word for "thinking" or "belief." At OPC churches, then, you won't find incense and robes, but you will find straight teaching from the Bible.

Learn more about the OPC at the denominational website, especially the "About the OPC" page, or read the denomination's booklet, "What is the OPC?" (622KB  PDF file).